Millette Alexander
Founder and
Artistic Director

After winning the gold medal in piano performance 3 years in a row from the Music Education League at Steinway Hall in New York, Millette went on to attend the Pre-College Division at Juilliard. Her fascination with the theater took her to Northwestern University to study acting. After graduation, Millette went on to pursue a career in theater and television, appearing in hundreds of shows, including 14 years on The Guiding Light.

The piano was always a constant companion, frequently being incorporated into the shows in which she appeared. After raising 3 beautiful children, Millette returned full time to her first love, the piano.

Back at The Juilliard School, she met Frank Daykin, with whom she had an immediate musical rapport. They formed the Alexander Daykin Piano Duo, performing may concerts in this country and France. Their recording of Bach's Art of the Fugue was selected by American Record Guide as one of the 10 best recordings of the year.

After moving to Connecticut, Millette's love for music and children led her to the formation of Chamber Music Central, Inc. to provide a vehicle for exposing talented young musicians to the joys of making music together -- Serious Fun!